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Why Millennials Matter to the Trucking Industry

 In its 2017 report, The American Trucking Association released the note that the trucking industry needs to hire almost 900,000 new drivers to meet the rising demands. Commercial truck drivers are aging, with an average age in the mid-50s.  And without young people entering this career path on a steady basis, that average age is just going up. One of the major roadblocks that may be stopping young people from the career of truck driving is the age restrictions.  You need to be at least 21 to cross state lines.  This poses a significant problem in the millennial population.  If they have to wait until they are 21 to start a trucking career, it is very likely they ...

Two simple things you can do TODAY to grow your business

As a business owner, you know that the only way to stay in business is to be constantly growing your business. There is never time to sit back and think “oh yes, I have enough customers and enough loads,” because as soon as you do that, <BAM> something unexpected happens. Your best customer’s son-in-law's brother opens a brokerage and takes all your business. A steady shipper in Atlanta files for bankruptcy. You just never know what the future holds, so you have to invest time and money into marketing and growing at all times. Here are 2 things you can do right now to grab some customers from the online world and keep your freight brokerage business healthy and we ...

Freight Broker Lingo You Need to Know!

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) ACE is the commercial trade processing system that has been developed by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection to facilitate legitimate trade and strengthen border security requiring every carrier or truck that enters through any and all border crossings to submit an e-manifest (otherwise known as an electronic manifest). Accessorial Charges These are charges made for performing services beyond normal pickup and delivery such as inside delivery or storage charges. Air Freight Forwarder/ Air Forwarder An air freight forwarder provides pickup and delivery service under its own tariff, consolidates shipments into larger units, prepares shi ...

Fresh Tips to Get More Done in your Freight Brokerage in Less Time

Organize your office space.  There is nothing more paralyzing and unmotivating than clutter.  Not only does it create feelings of doubt, lack of self-confidence and anxiety but it is also really hard to find things.  Take one day a month for a Big Cleaning Day and get rid of the piles.  You have two choices: 1. Place in the correct file if it needs saved or 2. Review it and then trash it.  Take one hour each week (Friday afternoon?) to evaluate your space and adjust as necessary. Write a to-do list for tomorrow.  The people who love to-do lists and crossing things off are already doing this without a second thought.  It is much harder for the pe ...

Are you a Visual Learner? Video Tutorials to the Rescue!

Did you know that our video tutorial library is growing with new video demonstrations of common LoadPilot features. Click on the "Help" tab and then choose "Video Tutorials." How to Get Started (click here: part 1 & part 2) Finding Agent Commissions How to Change Your Password Using DropBox with Approved Carriers How to Attach Files to a Load Using DropBox How to Upload Your Carrier Packet Creating a PDF or Print-out Assigning a Custom ID to a LoadSave Data to an MS Excel Spreadsheet How to Use SuperBroker Mode How to Use and Search Revenue Pages and more! We'd like to hear from you! Wh ...

Essential Sales Call Questions

Whether you are starting a new freight brokerage or just working on growing your business, making sales calls are part of the protocol. So you have your lead list, it is time to pick up the phone so bring your energy and GO! But which direction? How do you prevent the "I'm not interested" interruption or - worse yet - the dreaded hang up? Research in the freight broker industry (and other sales industries) has shown that the most productive and successful sales calls are focused on asking questions to a potential customer. It might seem crazy because you just want to tell the prospect all about your great company and excellent service, but if you ask the right questions and lis ...

Freight Brokers: Stop Making these 3 Costly Mistakes!

Too much overhead. Freight brokering is a simple business which requires little beyond a computer and a phone, and can be operated from anywhere in the world.  The simplicity and low investment to get started is a big reason many of us got into the fright broker business to begin with.  Consider hiring agents who can work from their homes and avoid costly rent and other expenses of office space. Placing too many eggs in one basket. Having a large and diverse customer base is essential to the long-term success and health of your freight brokerage.  It is easy to take the easy route and rely on those steady customers when things are going well, but never take your eye off ...

Too Much Freight Broker Paperwork!

Whether you are a freight broker or you are dreaming about a future as s a freight broker, you will find yourself in the middle of a lot of paperwork.  Let’s face it, the freight brokering business is a big bunch of transactions with a long paper trail.  There are plenty of examples to be found online of forms to use but experienced freight brokers recommend you develop your own contracts, agreements and forms, customizing them to your particular operation. Once you have a carrier agreement on file, you need to send the carrier a load confirmation and rate agreement form for each specific load. When the carrier picks up the load from the shipper, the shipper will give the ...

8 Secrets to Improving Your Freight Broker Sales Calls

Effective sales calls can be the difference between success and failure.  Here are 8 things to keep in mind when you sit down to do sales calls and build your freight brokerage. Never make a cold call.  It’s so easy these days to go online and search someone’s business to learn enough about their business to turn a cold call into a “warm call.”  Check out the shipper’s website, LinkedIn pages, and other social media if it exists. Connect with the decision maker.  If you can’t get to them directly, get as close as you can.  Sometimes, it takes work just to get past the gate keeper. Have a script ready.  You ...

Control Your Destiny

When people do search for you, you want them to find your message.  Your website does that.  If you don’t have one, your competitors will likely show up.  Customers may be looking for you, but find your competition first!  If you don’t have a website, you likely won’t show up on Google at all.  If you do, they might instead see customer complaints or negative reviews of your business.  Wouldn't you rather craft the narrative? You Are Always Open You can’t answer the phone or keep your doors open 24/7.  A website, however, never sleeps!  Your potential B2B customers can find you any time of day or night.  This is ...

How Do Freight Brokers Find Shippers? Here are 7 Proven Ways

Looking to grow your business?  You can always use online load boards like to find loads, get you started, fill-in the slower periods and for back-hauls or LTLs. But generally speaking, those jobs are usually not the highest paying and are hit-or-miss.  What you really need for a stable, successful business are long-term, regular clients. This means building strong client relationships for monthly revenue you can count-on. It also means you need to be taken seriously by potentially large clients. That means you need to have your “ducks in a row” so to speak, before making contact with customers. Remember, the first thing these companies will do is ...

3 Quick Tips for Owner / Operators

Technology used to be one of the primary driving forces in the freight broker and truck driving industry. Nowadays, technology is THE driving force. However, just because technology has advanced many facets of the trucking industry, this does not mean driving during the summertime has gotten any easier. Let's take a quick look at a few tips for your freight carriers to follow as the end of summer starts to roll around. Check the Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems Sure, the cooling and AC system in your truck might be working fine right now, keeping you cool as you travel in the heat, but once the end of summer comes around, you will want to inspect them to make sure they are go ...

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